Electronic bug detection has become an increasing concern for individuals and businesses. Whether you are a high profile individual with sensitive information being leaked, or going through a legal matter and have concerns about eavesdropping, then for piece of mind, consider our electronic bug detection service for your premises.

You can find more information about our corporate electronic bug detection service here.
Our service will also include counter surveillance of your area to detect any suspicious vehicles or persons of interest. Please read below for further information.

Bug Sweeps Sydney

Electronic Countermeasures


  • Important business or personal information has been leaked
  • People are aware of your movements
  • Your landline phone rings only to find no one is on the line
  • Furniture has been moved slightly
  • Volume fluctuations while using your phone
  • Clicking noises while using your phone
  • Suspicious vehicles parked outside your home or business for extended periods of time
  • A tradesman or other service provider may have visited you recently without you booking in the job
  • Wall sockets that may have been tampered with
  • Unusual connections in your phone line


  1. DO NOT speak to anyone about your suspicions as you may alert the actual bugger yourself.
  2. CONTACT US immediately using a secure phone and from a secure area that you are sure isn’t compromised. Be careful if you decide to contact us via email as there is also a chance that your computer is being monitored.
  3. DO NOT try to find the bugs yourself.
  4. DO NOT discuss that you are planning a bug sweep in the areas that you suspect are bugged. Continue on about your daily business.
  5. DO NOT contact your telephone service provider as they will not help you in anyway.
  6. DO begin to make notes as to what information was leaked, where you think it leaked from and approximate dates, along with anyone you suspect of being the bugger and their technical ability.



These electronic bugs have become one of the most popular and the easiest to purchase online. They can be disguised as a number of different household items and can be well hidden. The bugger can then listen from anywhere in the world at anytime to hear your private conversations.  Our electronic bug detection equipment can sweep for these devices and can detect burst mode transmissions.

Phone Taps

Your landline telephone can easily be bugged also, especially if you use a hands free unit. Your landline phone can be bugged within your premises or from outside the premises. Depending on what type of bug was used, the bugger can listen from 1km away or from anywhere in the world.

RF transmitters

These types of electronic bugs are also very common and can be installed as general household fixtures, within electronic equipment, and can operate off your household power so that the bug will never run out of battery. Our electronic bug detection equipment can sweep and detect these devices.

Hidden Video Cameras

It has also become quite common for people to install hidden video cameras. With technology at our finger tips, the general public now has access to such devices. Hidden cameras can be installed behind walls, in ceilings, inside clocks, stereos, TV units, etc. and are undetectable by the naked eye. We have equipment to detect the hidden lens and can pinpoint where the device is from a distance.

GPS Trackers

Monitoring someone without their knowledge using a tracker is illegal and is very common these days. Our electronic bug detection equipment can sweep a vehicle and detect burst mode transmission from a GPS tracker. Low quality bug detection equipment will not be able to detect such devices as they only transmit for less than a second in burst mode.