Prime Investigations are experienced in conducting background checks and online searches to uncover and verify an individual’s true identity.¬†

Background Checks are now common practice as businesses and individuals are doing their due diligence before engaging in any business dealings, or taking a relationships to the next level.

How can a background check help you?

  • Pre Employment Checks
  • Pre Dating Checks
  • Verify an individual’s identity
  • Before making any financial transactions with an individual or business

We can access the following information

  • Property Ownership Information
  • Registered Addresses
  • Occupancy History
  • Employment Details & Verification
  • Education / Qualifications
  • Tenancy Information
  • Reverse Number Identification
  • Information on¬†Registered Businesses
  • Bankruptcy & Insolvency Check
  • Registered Public Super Funds
  • Civil Court Searches
  • Registered Sex Offenders List
  • Media Searches – Newspaper, Digital, Social
  • Pre Employment Screening
  • Identity Verification
  • Pre Dating Background Checks